February 19, 2018

JCR Capital Announces $300 Million in Investments During 2017

Leading Middle-Market Real Estate Investment Firm Posts Record Growth

DENVER, CO. – Feb. 19, 2018  JCR Capital, an alternative investment manager focused on middle-market commercial real estate investments, today announced its closing of more than $300 million of debt and equity investments during 2017. The closings represent JCR’s growth through its strategic investments in middle market properties (those with valuations under $50 million), which has increased its total assets under management to more than $880 million. In addition, JCR had a record year in realizations, “round tripping” approximately $178 million at attractive returns.

“Our robust growth during 2017 allowed us to reach record investment and realization volumes, thanks in large part to our ability to differentiate our funds and investment strategy in an increasingly crowded field,” said Jay Rollins, managing principal of JCR Capital. Mr. Rollins added, “Through our unique focus on undervalued middle-market properties and short-duration investments, JCR has been able to attract investors seeking both consistent returns and an added sense of security during increasingly uncertain market conditions.”

JCR’s investments are also guided by its focus on the continuing turnover of middle-market commercial properties due to aging demographics. The firm has consistently proven its ability to generate attractive returns by locating and financing value-add assets that are being transacted due to life events such as retirement, divorce or business dissolution, further setting it apart in the real estate investment arena.

Investments closed by JCR during 2017 include:

  • A preferred equity investment in a $49.6 million apartment building near Washington, D.C.
  • A joint venture equity investment in a $37.0 million industrial building development near Los Angeles, CA
  • A preferred equity investment in a $49.6 million office/industrial park near Tampa, FL
  • A $20.0 million senior loan secured by a multifamily building in Los Angeles, CA

The transactions are indicative of the firm’s strategy of identifying and financing value-add or opportunistic middle market properties.

“As interest rates and stock market values continue to rise, there is a growing consensus in the investment world that the market is overdue for a correction. With this in mind, investors are seeking a way to protect their assets while retaining upside should the market remain healthy,” said Rollins. Mr. Rollins added, “JCR has a long track record of accurate market calls – including calling the top of the market in 2007 – and is building our portfolio specifically to respond to this rising demand. This approach has enabled our tremendous success in 2017 and will allow us to continue to bring our investors the results they desire in the future.”



Disclaimer: Nothing herein is an offer to sell any security which can only take place upon receipt of offering documents. Closed investments references are not a complete list of JCR closed investments. All investments have risk of loss, including loss of principal.  Attractive returns refer to attractive risk-adjusted returns on investments. Assets under management represents both regulatory assets under management and non-discretionary assets under advisement.